Cable Protection

M-H’s Zipper offers the most versatile protection ever devised for wire, cable, tubing, and other materials. It is a wrap-around, re-enterable, flexible jacketing and shielding system that features multiple, unique closures allowing fast, easy use on new or existing installations - without the need to pull through tubing or disconnect the cables.

EMI Shielding is the use of materials to reduce radiated EMI by reflection and/or absorption. Shielding effectiveness and performance are the functions of the properties and configuration of the shielding materials, the frequency and the distance from the source to the shield. EMI/RFI shielding solutions for the Automotive and Transportation, Aircraft, Marine, Rail, Robotics, Medical, and Construction markets with unique solutions. Also for flat cable, round cable or odd shapes and sizes, we have a solution for today’s EMI/RFI problems.

Zetreflect is a fibre-glass laminate with double-sided aluminium reflector coating on polyester film - an excellent shielding against radiated heat. The fibre cloth is spun from grade E fibre-glass, with excellent stability at temperatures up to 900°C. The aluminium finish serves as reflector, actually increasing the heat shielding performance up to 90% at + 200°C. Besides its primary function as a heat shield, the PES / A1 film is a natural protection (skin effect) and a barrier against oils, grease, brake fluids, fuels and many low percentage acids or caustic liquids.

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