Halogen free Fiber Optic Ducts

Modern datacenters and server rooms rely on uptime and redundancy more and more. Data speed is increasing exponentially. Fiber- and copper cabling have to adapt to these ever changing situations.

Mulder-Hardenberg has been in the Fiber Optic Cable Management market from starters on and introduced the Yellow colored Fiber Optic Ducting made of Noryl® many years ago.

In general, Fiber Optic Ducting provides safe cable routing with guaranteed bending radius for the cables inside it. It also responds to the demands of flexibility to expand and change the ducting, even in a live situation with fibers in the ducting. Yellow ducting therefore is very easy to install and provides network integrity. Faster delivery thanks to smart stock management in our own warehouses.


600 mm x 100 mm duct with a comprehensive range of accessories.

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For a safe and flexible solution your fiber ducting should:
  • be made of a light material to minimize sagging - to reduce burden for the ceiling and maintain a maximum of 5mm sagging over a length of 1.8 meters of fiber duct during load.
  • maintain a proper bending radius - >30mm throughout the whole ducting system to prevent the breaking of fibers.
  • provide zero-dust installation - for ‘live’ modifications to the system and ensure the ease of installation. This will also make it easy for the system to be installed and expanded.
  • be flame retardant - preferably made of zero-halogen Noryl, which is a flame-retardant material according to UL94V0 standards: burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed.
  • not release corrosive compounds and toxins in case of a fire - common used plastics contain halogen which will produce toxins and corrosive compounds during a fire. These compounds are toxic to humans and will find their place in electrical circuitry which will, in time, short-circuit the hardware. Noryl is recommended.
  • have a broad spectrum of sizes and adapters available - to manage both little amounts as well as large amounts of cabling safely. Typical sizes are 30x30mm, 50-50mm, 100x100mm, 220x100mm & 300x100mm. Adapters between all mentioned sizes should be available.
  • all duct-sizes should have standard lengths of 2m, according to European guidelines - Most other ducting/raceway brands are only available in 1.80 m lengths - 10% shorter than YellowDuct!
  • provide the option for a ‘break-out duct’ on every location in the system - the break-out should be installable with ‘live-fibers’ inside the duct.
  • have the option to adjust for different heights between two pathways - with the use of ‘vertical elbows’.
  • be supplied with protective covers - the cover must be connected with a ‘hinge-system’ to the fiber duct maintain for ease-of-use.

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