Defem Cable Trays

Defem is the strongest Wire Tray System on the market. That means longer support distance and fewer brackets, rods, pendants and supports. Less material and less work means lower project cost.

You need the project finished on time, with as little material as possible. You want all the material delivered to site with out the need and expense of ordering additional missing components to complete the project.
With Wibe Defem you get maximum flexibility with the minimum of material; some call it ”field-friendliness”; we call it The Triumph of Simplicity.

For a detailed example of one of our projects: read our case of Defem stainless steel wire trays for food production lines.


  • Min Mesh: 16 – 35 – 60mm width 200cm length
  • Wire Trays: 53, 75, 120, 220, 320, 422, 522 and 622mm
  • Length: 250 cm
  • Made of Zinc plated, galvanised and RVS316 Steel (for offshore applications in RVS316AISI)
  • Cost-saving in installation time
  • Certified by Norske Veritas
  • Tested for function retention E30/E90

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A detailed instruction video

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